.NET Solutions

Our .Net Development team has an immense experience and an extensive
knowledge of Developing software solutions using variant Microsoft development
technologies (ASP.NET, Windows Forms, .NET Remoting/Web Services, ADO.NET)
keeping all universal standards in mind.
Since .NET has been introduced, we are successfully implementing solutions
for various domains. The domains are listed below:
Financial solutions
E-commerce solutions
Business solutions
Corporate information system
Web services
Oracle Solutions

As you implement, deploy and use enterprise applications to meet your business processes,
a great deal of customization and enhancements are carried in your Oracle installation.
While these enhancements bridge the missing processes during implementation,
it needs changes and enhancements from time-to-time.

Olysal Oracle development services can help you develop and deploy your Oracle
software solution on budget and on time.

Olysal Oracle development and infrastructure services to help you install
and configure software, and to address issues such as security, scalability and availability.

We provide a complete range of enterprise application customization and development services.
Embedded Solutions

Olysal is recognized as a leader in designing and developing safety-critical
embedded systems software for the medical device, automotive electronics,
and aircraft components industries. Through IPs, we develop embedded middleware,
rich embedded system applications applications, and interactive GUIs for
consumer electronics, computer peripherals and telecom products.

Our embedded systems group comprises of a large and talented pool of embedded
software engineers/developers who are competent in a wide range of software
development programming tools, microprocessors, and real-time operating systems.
Our custom embedded system software development solutions help clients to fulfill
business requirements with experience of best in class embedded software
engineering services.

Olysal executes turnkey embedded software development projects for new products,
and provides discrete services for the existing ones.
WEB Solutions

Click here to see our completed projects.
Olysal has a great expirience in such fields as web services and website development.
We design custom experiences and solutions around your goals.

Developing of website could include branding and logo design, information architecture,
SEO, social media strategy, ecommerce and more. In the end, you need a virtual
storefront to engage, inform, and delight your audiences.

Our WEB Services:


We can check your website design and code to see if its perfect or there are something to change.


Proffesional designers will work on your logo, colors and your website template.


Our best developers will work on the code for your solution. Website can be based on Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla.

Quality Assurance

We will test your new website to provide perfect result for our customer.


We will help with Search Engine Optimisation so your website will be on top when people asking Google.


For the new or existing web services we can provide you full support. Such as consultations or making changes.

We can help you to build perfect looking and quality solution which will be compatitable with
all browsers and all platforms such as PC, Mobile and Tablet!